Friday, July 15, 2016

Toronto Graffiti: The human behind the wall - is available on Kindle!

We have super exciting news!

Toronto Graffiti: The human behind the wall
 is now available on Kindle! (Yay!)

For those who were too far from Canada to order a heavy (yet gorgeous) printed copy of the book, here is your chance to download it and check out the incredible graffiti artist interviews, graffiti art, opinion pieces and more!

It is available as a Kindle download in 14 countries!


For those who want a physical, printed copy, click one of the links below:
Shipping to Canada - Buy on here. 

Check out our website for detailed information about the book, as well as a sneak peak of the inside gems.

Toronto Graffiti: The human behind the wall - is available on Kindle!

We have super exciting news!

Toronto Graffiti: The human behind the wall
 is now available on Kindle! (Yay!)

For those who were too far from Canada to order a heavy (yet gorgeous) printed copy of the book, here is your chance to download it and check out the incredible graffiti artist interviews, graffiti art, opinion pieces and more!

It is available as a Kindle download in 14 countries!


For those who want a physical, printed copy, click one of the links below:
Shipping to Canada - Buy on here. 

Check out our website for detailed information about the book, as well as a sneak peak of the inside gems.

Toronto Graffiti: The human behind the wall - is available on Kindle!

We have super exciting news!

Toronto Graffiti: The human behind the wall
 is now available on Kindle! (Yay!)

For those who were too far from Canada to order a heavy (yet gorgeous) printed copy of the book, here is your chance to download it and check out the incredible graffiti artist interviews, graffiti art, opinion pieces and more!

It is available as a Kindle download in 14 countries!


For those who want a physical, printed copy, click one of the links below:
Shipping to Canada - Buy on here. 

Check out our website for detailed information about the book, as well as a sneak peak of the inside gems.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rent a Yurt in Szeged and Sleep Under the Stars!

This is Yurt Living at it's finest!

Here in the beautiful city of Szeged, Hungary, we are a stones throw away from just about anything you could want to do and enjoy. 

Check out our yurt and stay a night... or more.
Sleep under the stars and wake up feeling refreshed, peaceful and content.

Enjoy living with nature yet being comfortable at the same time.
Visit us today!

Get an amazing aura reading or intuitive counselling session in exchange for a little support!


Laszlo is one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I know who is an incredibly talented health practitioner. He specializes in aura readings and healings, assessing geopathic stress zones, dealing with "sick home syndrome", distance healing and has helped thousands of people through his intuitive counseling abilities. 

A while ago, there was a major water pipe break that caused thousands of gallons of water to flood his property. Neither the insurance company nor the water company paid to repair it. Unfortunately, he could not afford the repairs either as the damage was so extensive. The water damage caused extensive mould to permeate the house, which caused him severe health problems, making it difficult to work regularly. This amazingly giving and kind man is they kind of person who gives and gives and gives. He doesn't like to ask for help. I am asking on his behalf because the bank is now on the verge of taking his home since he cannot afford to keep paying the bills as well as his medical bills on top of that. He would love nothing more than to simply keep on sharing his knowledge and helping people live healthier, happier lives, but in order to do that, he himself needs to start feeling better by living in a safe, mould-free home and not have the added stress of the banks wanting to take his home. This man is in his 60s, has lost his savings and health, yet continues to remain positive and cheerful and does what he can to help all those around him. 

He is very humble about his skills as an alternative health practitioner, but I can tell you from experience, he is WONDERFUL, and it will be great when he is able to start working again full time doing what he loves! I spoke with him about setting up this fundraiser on his behalf, he said he would be extraordinarily grateful for kind words and any help you could send his way. 

On top of that, he wants to offer every single person who helps out a free aura diagnosis session over skype. No donation will go unrewarded. Believe me, he would be very, very grateful. Home specialists told him it was less expensive to tear down the old building that is too dangerous to continue living in, and have a small one built in its place. He also needs to be able to pay his bills before the bank takes his home. This is the home he grew up in, has his memories in and would love nothing more than to be able to keep it and simply rebuild... not just a safe, happy home, but a new life while he gets his health back so he can give back to those in need, once more. 

To help out, I have built him a website which better explains his services. You can view it here: . 

Laszlo would love to offer a reading of your choice in exchange for your kind help. This is a great exchange benefitting everyone involved. Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 01, 2016

Tips for Radiant Health!

Tips for Radiant Health: 
  • Don’t overeat! Stop one bite before feeling full.
  • Do sound therapy, such as that which uses Tibetan singing bowls.
  • Listen to healing music.
  • Hug old trees and spend time near them.
  • Make sure you are ingesting enough minerals.
  • Aloe Vera isn’t just for burns. When ingested, it is soothing and balancing to the entire system, especially digestive.
  • Rose oil carries a powerful frequency for healing. It is particularly balancing for the heart chakra and excellent for alleviating what is known in Chinese Medicine as liver qi stagnation. What does this translate to? It helps relieve feelings of frustration, tension, and anger. It is very important as we move forward that our heart chakras are clear and open and loving.
  • Make sure your diet contains high quality fats. Coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil and organic animal fats.
  • Add salt to your bath. Epsom salt or pure, natural unprocessed salt which is slightly grey in colour. Add at least one cup per bath and soak for a good 15 minutes. You may wish to add a few drops of lavender for extra soothing. This is delightful, especially if you add some beeswax candles and soothing background music! Make sure to massage high quality oil (sesame, coconut, almond) into your skin afterwards to lock moisture in. Oils for the skin are very good for the nervous system.
  • Love, appreciation, healing and genuinely caring bodywork are all important “foods’ for our bodies/minds/spirits. Treat yourself to a healing massage or any other type of treatment you enjoy, once in a while.
  • Use essential oils – whichever ones most appeal to you. Get the purest ones you can as they carry specific wavelengths of energies Just like light, you “see” various colours due to the wavelength  Those wavelengths have specific affects on the brain.It’s the same with scent. You “smell” wavelengths in much the same way as you “see” light and “hear” sound vibrations which the brain translates into something it can understand. We are naturally drawn to those colours, scents and foods which will most balance us in that particular moment.
  • Listen to your intuition. Yes! Listen to your truest and closest “source” part of you. The more you listen the stronger it will get as you find faster and better ways of “tuning” into your higher Self.

Everything we see around us is vibrational frequency – energy vibrating at different rates. All naturally vibing ‘things’ are in perfect synchronicity and harmony with each other. Like a finely tuned orchestra. But, manmade vibrational frequencies tend to be contrary to this and are like a clarinet squeaking in a flat or sharp note, throwing off everyone else int he band. It is disruptive and damaging over time to be surrounded by vibrations which are ‘off’.  Thankfully, there are many things which can be done to alleviate the damaging effects, as well as strengthen you own natural vibrations and help you stay in sync with nature.

The closer you can get to nature the better. The more natural a lifestyle you can lead, the better. Eating a clean, “bursting with life” healthy diet in a mindful manner is imperative. Epsom salts are inexpensive, sunlight is free, and good water is free. Hold a glass of water in your hands and say a few positive words with focused emotional intent and appreciation to strengthen and stabilize the structure of the water molecules.

Kind thoughts to and of YOURSELF as well as those around you don’t cost anything. Visualizing healing, soothing light filling your body doesn’t take more than a moment, and taking a walk outside to a nearby park is easy enough. Burn beeswax candles, soak and oil your feet from time to time, and enjoy loving and being loved by the people in your life.

The best things in life really are free. It isn’t hard to incorporate these guidelines. Try some today, and make the ones that work best for you a part of your lifestyle.

~Yvette Farkas

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Eastern Karate in Leslieville

Further to my earlier post (found here - about what makes a great martial arts school and instructor, I'd like to recommend Eastern Karate in Leslieville. It is a traditional school that is friendly, down to earth and practical.
I can personally vouch for the head instructor, Ben D'Avernas as an incredibly decent person whose realistic, thorough and lighthearted approach is one that goes a long way to positively inspiring personal development in all those around him.
I highly recommend you try a class with him at Eastern Karate today! 
You can check out his website here:
Do something great for yourself, and start a journey of personal development through the martial arts!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Dr. Leonard Coldwell's Cancer Cure

According to Dr. Coldwell, cancer may be cured in 2-16 weeks.
Check out this short video for a brief intro.
Video of Dr. Leonard Coldwell discussing cancer cures

Then check out his website for details. -

Here is an excerpt from his article detailing his cancer cure protocol:

"Since freedom of speech is at least partially still my right before they find a way to steal this from us too I can at least tell you what I would do if I were you."

  • 1. I would do a 21 day full body and colon cleansing system from 
  • **Yvette's note: For those doing colon cleansing in Canada, check out Carla Roter's information site - this lady is VERY knowledgeable.  If you are getting a colonoscopy, you need to read her book:
  • 2. Do the Cancer Protocol from
  • 2a. Medical Fact is that cancer cannot grow in and oxygen rich alkaline environment therefore I would always make sure that my body is slightly alkaline with a pH of 7.36.  I would achieve this easily with the Acid-Alkaline Protocol from that was created after my historical use for my patients.
  • 2b. Very often a correlation between cancer and fungus / Candida overgrowth is mentioned in the medical world. To make sure I dont suffer from this Candida overgrowth I would do the Candida Remediation Protocol from which was also created after the producer researched my historical use of protocols with my patients in the past.
  • 3. I also would take Hydrosol silver from (and do their metal cleanse too!)
  • 4. I would take vitamin B17
  • 4.a I would use Baking Soda with real Maple Syrup and warm up one tea spoon of Baking Soda with 5 spoons full of Maple syrup.
  • 5. I would take Essiac Capsules from
  • 6. I would eat, if I could afford it, only organic whole foods from and eat fresh organic salads, vegetables and fruit.
  • 7. I would have as much sun as my skin can handle without getting burned. Sun does not cause cancer!
  • 8. I would buy a cheap juicer such as the Jack Lalanne model and have a lot of fresh juice with a lot of greens added.
  • 9. I would walk or exercise just a little every day. Or at least 2 minutes 3 times a week
  • 10. I would eat a vegetarian all organic life food diet
  • 11. I would take Flora-Zymes, Quint-Essence, vitamin E and cal-mag from every day of my life. 
  •  **In severe cases I would add oxygen therapy and or 35% hydrogen peroxide therapy. I would take (but I dont encourage anyone else to do it!) 8 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide in 8 ounces of Aloe juice for at least 35 days.

After doing all of this I would know I had done everything to address the physical causes of bad health.

Getting rid of the root cause of all disease! Lack of Energy which is usually caused by stress.
But I also know that the main cause of Cancer is mental and emotional stress. Its scientifically proven that all illnesses are 84% based on stress and only 16% based on physical elements. Therefore, I would know that I would have to uncover and eliminate the root cause of my personal health challenges to be able to get rid of the symptoms and physical malfunctions. I would have to actively apply the information in Instinct Based Medicine How to survive your illness and your doctor (see )

After doing all of this I would feel confident that I have done everything in my power to be healthy. I would then let Nature, or God, or whatever you call your higher power, do the rest.
Just a reminder: Nearly everybody in my family had cancer! And I don’t have or ever will get cancer!

So the question is: Do you believe the ones that lose or kill about 97% of their cancer patients or the ones that cure cancer on a daily basis. I can provide you with names and hospitals around the world where cancer cures are a daily reality. You will find it in my next newsletters. Please sign up for my free monthly newsletter

Friday, April 04, 2014

Martial arts in Markham: Chung's Arts Academy

Finding a truly outstanding martial arts school can be tough. There are so many and newbies normally don't even know what to look for in a good school environment, let alone instructor. For those who live in the Markham area, allow me to HIGHLY recommend Chung's Arts Academy.

The instructor is top notch, which is reflected in his students. They CARE about each other both inside and outside of the dojo. Calvin Chung teaches by example and inspires his students to be the very best they can be.. .not just as martial artists, as human beings also.

This is an important distinction, especially as martial arts training is designed to help us overcome or at the very least learn to control our egos and emotions, widen our perspective, tolerance and compassion, and increase our problem solving skills, amongst many, many other things.

I have trained for about 30 years and have had the opportunity to see first hand what the difference between an inspirational instructor who positively challenges his/her students to actively go after their dreams and succeed in ALL departments of life, vs. those who are only out to make money or have stopped caring is.

Growing up in a positive environment where (gasp!) you are held ACCOUNTABLE for every thing you say, do and even think, regardless of age (even the five year olds!) is the type of "training" and foundation any parent would be happy to be able to offer their kids outside of the home.

Giving people, especially children, a sense of responsibility and holding them accountable to their actions will help them become better decision  makers, aid them in developing depth of vision, have greater appreciation for others and the things they have, as well as instill greater confidence in themselves. That is the kind of foundation I want to see in the next generation... in all generations in fact.

There are several martial arts schools and instructors outside of Markham who do an excellent job as well, so you should be able to find a high value instructor in your neighbourhood. When looking for a quality school, make sure you find a quality instructor first. And knowing how to dazzle with trophies and spinning hook kicks is not going to cut it.

So, for those in Markham, DO check out Calvin Chung's school for kids and adults' martial arts/kung fu training.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Gentle Colonoscopy Prep: Carla's Dietary Guide to your Preparation and Aftercare


This updated version just hit the shelves and is successfully being used across the globe!

The Gentle Colonoscopy Prep is a one of a kind, never before released diet based protocol for colonoscopy prep! This is THE "must-read" manual for anyone going for a colonoscopy.

It is an easy to follow soft diet formula and is a comprehensive guide which takes you through both before and after care step by step, to help you prepare for your colonoscopy.

In this guidebook, you will learn about:
  • The soft diet protocol
  • What to do the week before your colonoscopy
  • What are probiotics (good bacteria) and how to get them
  • What you should drink
  • What you should eat
  • What are electrolytes, why they are important and how to maintain them
  • Tips on healthy eating practices for better digestion
  • Before care and after care
  • How to mentally prepare for your colonoscopy
  • Step by step guide on what to do the day before your colonoscopy
  • Recipe section

By following the protocol as outlined in the guide, you will feel a LOT more comfortable during your prep. This guide is complete with recipes, time frames, easy to understand explanations and alternatives for any dietary need.

The Gentle Colonoscopy Prep will help ease your mind as well as aid you in becoming "sparklingly clean" internally. Both you and your doctor will be very pleased with the results.

Even if you aren't undergoing a colonoscopy, the recipe section in the back is excellent for nourishing, healthy meal suggestions. They are particularly good for those who have been ill, or have had their immune systems compromised in some way. The meals reduce acid in the system, replenish electrolytes, vitamins and important minerals with easy to follow recipes. Try it for yourself!

Buy your copy today!

Monday, May 13, 2013

New martial arts book by Rupert Juta - a must read!

I am very lucky to have crossed paths with a truly lovely Taoist man by the name of Rupert Juta. He truly embodies the Tao in every sense of the word. Constantly studying, refining, seeing what works, doing what works, going with the flow, effortlessly adjusting as necessary etc.

Debbie and I have been lucky enough to have had the honour of his company and expertise on our journey of research for our businesses. He has been an inspirational mentor, guide... and also an expert instructor! And let me tell you, this man knows how to pack a WALLUP of a punch! Holy moly! lol.

Rupert trained us privately for a while and continued to help us on various personal endeavors. He has been a wonderful mentor, friend and inspiration.
I am very pleased to announce his latest book, Tao-Shukokairyu: Odyssee, in which both Debbie and I have been pleasantly surprised to find some of our training photos in there along with Ruperts`!

It is an excellent book with many genuine pearls of wisdom well worth having on anyone`s shelves. Even non-martial artists can benefit from this collection of thoughts, reflections and straight up practical advice.

Check it out for yourselves.

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Poh Lin`s time in Fredericton is quickly coming to a close... for now. lol.
Thus, we decided it was high time to visit out lovely neighbouring province, Nova Scotia. We also wanted to do P.E.I but it rained the rest of the week so that was out.

Did a day in Halifax, then over to awe inspiring and soulful Peggy`s Cove.
Poh Lin ate her first Beaver Tail. Yum.
We then decided to get in some action and went to see Iron Man 3. Hehee.
All in all a wonderful drive.

Debbie and Poh Lin

Poh Lin overlooking the valley of boulders to the Atlantic ocean.

YF perched on top of a boat watching `things.`

The famous lighthouse in the background fog.

Just a short while ago, we had Poh Chin come to visit us as well.
It was great to have her. We enjoyed strolling through the `magic woods` to where the trees talk to you if you listen, saw many lovely spring flowers making their way up from their winter slumber towards the sunlight, and took time to just hang out, plot, scheme and laugh while we worked away on a myriad of things.

GIN Dream Weekend in Dallas, Texas!

Dream Weekend in Texas with GIN:

Our time in Texas was lovely and heartfelt.
We met a lot of positive, inspiring people and made lots of excellent connections as well as new friends.

On a basic level, GIN is an organization with great folks who share excellent resources in all aspects of life including health, finance, education and lots of personal growth opportunities. It was really good to be surrounding by so many high vibing people who were genuinely interested in those around them AND want to see them succeed and do well in whatever areas they are striving to improve upon.


During some downtime, we checked out the local area. Lots of gorgeous cacti! I absolutely love cacti. I decided to take a closer look here... and take a bite out of Texas! lol.

Check out their sister health site here with excellent info.

Here is a list of some good reading material:

  • Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desire, Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
  • The Magic of Thinking Big, David J. Schwartz
  • The Magic of Believing, Claude M. Bristol
  • The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, Napoleon Hill
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie
  • The Go Getter, Peter B. Kyne
  • The New Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz
  • It Works: The little red book, RHJ
  • Acres of Diamonds, Russell H. Conwell
  • As a Man Thinketh, James Allen
  • See You At The Top, Zig Ziglar
  • Autobiographies/biographies of interesting, inspiring people 

A few weeks after the conference, members received the monthly newsletter in which we happened to be as well. Nice.